Beryl, Oldham Coliseum, 2022

"The show’s success is underpinned by the excellent set, lighting, projection and sound design from Irene Jade, Will Evans, Grant Archer and Eliyana Evans respectively. Evans’ touch of lighting the tyre rims that adorn the stage is a particular visual treat, changing colour to reflect the shift in mood or location. All meld together to create the perfect, authentic backdrop for the onstage action." 

Lou Steggals 10/05/2022

Beryl, Oldham Coliseum, 2022

"Bike rims are used to decorate the proscenium and create an internal rainbow behind which is a projection of all the settings the play travels through; particularly the rolling Yorkshire countryside. The lighting was beautiful throughout by Will Evans"

Kathryn Gorton 12/05/2022

Wave Me Goodbye, Theatr Clwyd, 2019

"With its clever use of lighting and sound, Will Evans and Matthew Williams respectively convey an atmosphere where you felt you were taken on that journey along with Shirley and her new friends. Working together the lighting and sound helped to create moods to convey the many mixed emotions of the piece..."

Mary Fogg 28/04/2019

How to Hide a Lion, National Tour, 2018

"The lovely inventive set is designed by Laura McEwen enhanced with a subtly creative lighting design by Will Evans."

Peter Yates, 13/09/2018

Gabriel, Richmond Theatre, London. 2017

The lighting design by Will Evans was changeable and emotive, while also creating the illusion of an isolated house by the sea in Guernsey.

Katie Walsh, A Younger Theatre. 03/04/2017

Moominsummer Madness, Polka Theatre, London. 2014

"Ben Glasstone's music, combined with Laura McEwen's design and Will Evans's lighting create a space where the air is denser than normal and tinged with colour. Small shifts in a seemingly simple set transform kitchen to flooded forest to floating theatre with swift ease."

Clare Brennan, The Observer. 08/06/2014

Midsummer Night's Dream, Suffolk Youth Theatre, New Wolsey, Ipswich. 2009

"Will Evans’ lighting plot is nothing short of exquisite and caresses the set – designed by Platt – beautifully."

Paul Pierce-Couch, 20/05/2009